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Statistical Training for Research Students and Staff

Free statistical courses are available for University of St Andrews research degree students and staff. These courses are facilitated by St Leonard's Postgraduate College and delivered by the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM).

There are currently three courses provided:


Course materials, including lecture notes, exercises, and computer practicals, can be accessed online and there will be a guided self-study programme. Additionally, there will be optional help sessions with a course instructor hosted online. 

Your weekly time commitment is anticipated to be 2 to 6 hours per week depending on the course. This includes learning through the course notes and associated computer practicals, plus attending the optional weekly help session.

Entry Requirements and Prior Learning

There will be individual requirements for each course. 


The courses are for University of St Andrews students matriculated on a doctoral degree or the following research degree programmes (MSc(Res), MSt(Res), and MPhil (by research)). The course is also open to University of St Andrews staff.

The courses are not open to students on an undergraduate degree or to students on a taught postgraduate degree programme (MSc, MLitt, or MRes).

Book Your Place

You can enrol on any of the statistical courses through the Personal Development Management System (PDMS). Please enrol separately for each course that you wish to take.

If you have any questions please contact St Leonard's Postgraduate College via email