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Postgraduate Society at St Andrews

St Leonard’s College works closely with the Postgraduate Society which is one of the most active societies within the Students’ Association. All Masters students and doctoral students are automatically welcomed into the Postgraduate Society when they join the University.

The Postgraduate Society works to represent postgraduate interests within the Students’ Association and the University. The Postgraduate Society also provides a focal point for the social life of the postgraduate community at St Andrews.

Postgraduate Officers

Key contacts within the Student's Association and the Postgraduate Society are:

  • the Postgraduate Academic Convenor - who contributes to development of the postgraduate academic experience
  • the Postgraduate Development Officer - who contributes to the development of postgraduate support services
  • the Postgraduate Society President - who leads the Postgraduate Society and chairs the Postgraduate Society Committee

Postgraduate Academic Convenor

Postgraduate Development Officer

Postgraduate Society President

School Representatives

Within each School there are also representatives for Masters students and doctoral students. Postgraduate Class Representatives serve as a point of contact between Schools and postgraduates and are members of the School Student-Staff Consultative Committee.

The Postgraduate Class Representatives are elected at the beginning of each academic year. For further information regarding Postgraduate Class Representatives please contact the Academic Convenor - email

Role of the Postgraduate Society

Academic Representation

The Academic Convenor is the voice of postgraduates on University committees - including the Academic Council, the Learning and Teaching Committee, and the Postgraduate Research Committee - where new academic policies and regulations are considered and approved. The Academic Convenor also works closely with the University Library, Student Services, and others to ensure that the postgraduate academic experience is the best it can be.

Postgraduates are welcome to contact the Academic Convenor at any time if they encounter any difficulties or have any questions regarding their academic experience - email

Welfare and Support

The Development Officer works with the University to support the development of its welfare and support services for postgraduates. The Development Officer works with Registry, CEED, and others to ensure that services reflect and respond to the distinctive needs of postgraduates.

Postgraduates are welcome to contact the Development Officer at any time if they encounter difficulties or have any questions regarding welfare and support services - email

Events and Social Activities

The Postgraduate Society organises a range of events specifically for postgraduates including formal dinners and balls, pub nights and bonfires on the beach, traditional ceilidhs, and day trips around Scotland.

The Postgraduate Society Committee plans the Postgraduate Society's annual programme of events and activities. The Postgraduate Society President chairs the Committee.

Postgraduates are welcome to contact the Postgraduate Society President at any time if they have any questions regarding the Postgraduate Society's events and activities or have ideas for new events - email

Get Involved

The Postgraduate Society Committee meets each week during term time in the Students’ Association Building on St Mary’s Place. Please contact for exact details. 

There are also general meetings of the Postgraduate Society Committee in April and September.

All meetings are open and postgraduates are welcome to come along and contribute their ideas as to what the Postgraduate Society should offer to the postgraduate community.

News and Events from the Postgraduate Society

Keep up with the latest Postgraduate Society news and events:

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