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St Leonard's College Magazine

The St Leonard's College Magazine is published at the start of each academic year. It features news from the University's postgraduate community, reflections on life as a postgraduate, and a look back at postgraduate activities and events from the past academic year.

Current Issue‌

St Leonard's College Magazine 2018-19 (PDF, 48,085 KB)

In this issue...

  • The Knowledge Economy
  • Discovering the Power of Collective Action
  • Networks that Nurture
  • Am I Doing this PhD-Thing Right?
  • The Summer Gone By
  • A Lade Braes Catechism
  • The Badlands

St Leonard College Magazine

Past Issues‌

Previous Issue‌

St Leonards College Magazine 2017-18 (PDF, 11,006 KB)

In this issue...

  • Designing a PhD Landscape
  • Public Engagement: All About You
  • Interview with Principal Prof. Sally Mapstone
  • Bright Club: Where Academia is a Laughing Matter
  • Advice from St Andrews Alumni
  • Living Like a Meerkat
  • Reaching Beyond the Bubble

St Leonard College Magazine

St Leonard's College Magazine 2015-16 (PDF, 7,272 KB)

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