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Advice and Guidance for Postgraduates

The University aims to provide a supportive academic and social environment for all postgraduates. However, most postgraduates find that there are times when they need advice and guidance and the University provides a range of support and assistance to help ensure every postgraduate's experience is successful and fulfilling. 

Regulations and Policies

All postgraduates must ensure that they are familiar with applicable regulations and policies:

Postgraduates should note that Schools may have additional local/complementary policies which must be followed. Any questions regarding regulations and policies should be raised as soon as possible, for example, with the School's Director of Postgraduate Studies or Director of Postgraduate Research.

Advice and Support Centre

The Advice and Support Centre is the front door to the University for all postgraduates. If you are ever unsure who to ask for help, get in touch with the Advice and Support Centre.

In addition to its general advice services the Advice and Support Centre also has a dedicated Postgraduate Support Adviser. The Postgraduate Support Adviser is available to discuss any issue that might be affecting your student experience. Visit the Advice and Support Centre website for more information on how to make an appointment.

Students' Association Services

The Students' Association offers support through its advocacy service, particularly for education and accommodation issues. Learn more about the services available through the Students' Association Education Advocate.

The Students' Association also supports student-led services such as Nightline.

Other Services for Postgraduates

There are a number of other specialist services for postgraduates who need support with academic or personal matters:

For help with ... ... speak to
student records, changes of registration Registry
using your University IT account and email IT Services
developing your academic writing and communication skills if English is not your first language Academic English Service
finding and using academic literature University Library
skills development and training CEED
career planning and finding part-time work Careers Centre
finding local accommodation for rent Studentpad
pastoral advice, finding local religious groups University Chaplaincy