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St Leonard's College

St Leonard’s College is the “home” for all postgraduate students within the University.  St Leonard's College will work closely with the Postgraduate Society, who are the 'home society' for postgraduates in St Andrews.

Together our aim is to enrich your postgraduate experience.


St Leonard's College was established in 1512 as a college for poor clerks of the Church of St Andrews, based on the older Hospital and Church of St Leonard within the Priory of St Andrews.

Although College minutes start in 1710, the accounts date back to 1549 and include diet books from 1586–1743. So little seems to have changed over the centuries—what is in our pockets and our stomachs remains important!

After falling on hard times during the eighteenth century, St Leonard’s College was reconstituted as a postgraduate institute in 1972 to fulfil its current role.


St Leonard's College is here to support postgraduates through:

  • Considering postgraduate needs such as study space.
  • Communicating with postgraduate representatives and providing postgraduate support.
  • Enhancing your employability by supporting your professional and career development by working with CAPOD, the Careers Centre and the Knowledge Transfer Centre.
  • Providing a stimulating intellectual environment for those research PGs who wish to explore concepts beyond their own disciplines by through a range of events.
  • Creating supportive social networks.


Our mission is for the College is to promote a culture and environment in which scholarship, creativity and discovery will flourish

We aim to:

  • Provide an environment in which researchers work together to acquire, synthesize, preserve, and transmit knowledge.
  • Continuously review University policies concerned with post-graduate training and research, to maintain rigorous academic standards whilst embracing innovation.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary communication and entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • Promote the interests of all postgraduates.

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