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School of International Relations Childcare Fund

School of International Relations ‌‌‌PGR students who have Registered Childcare can apply to the Childcare Fund, both full and part-time students can apply. Students are required to make an appointment with a Money Adviser ( in Student Services prior to completing the online application form.

After demonstrating need, students may receive a minimum award of £100 per month. Student Services follow best practice as outlined by the Scottish government, including directly reimbursing the childcare providers. 

The applicants need to apply each year, on a rolling basis. There will be semi-annual reviews of the fund.  If it is anticipated that money will be left over at the end of the year, this can be used to:

  • Top up an applicant’s monthly amount; and/or 
  • Reimburse other childcare costs, such as nappies, formula, and other goods (within reason). All original receipts must be kept for this.
  • PGR students who are attending for a viva and have to bring their child/children, childcare support can be considered.  


Be a PGR student in the School of International Relations.

  • Have Registered Childcare

Application process

  • Access to the online Application will be via the Scholarships and Funding Section on MySaint. Student Services will assess all applications and allocate awards to successful applicants based on the information provided.  Students will be required to attend an interview with a Student Services Adviser prior to completing the online application form. Students are required to enter their bank details via MySaint for any possible payment. Any student who has difficulty with any stage of the application process should contact for assistance.

Supporting Evidence

Students will be required to provide and upload supporting evidence relevant to their individual situation.


  • Bank Statement
    • A copy of their most recent bank statement showing 1 month’s transactions - this can be an online statement but must show the bank's logo and the student's name. We cannot accept Excel spreadsheets. If you have more than one account, statements from all your accounts are required. If you are not a Lone parent, we will also require evidence of your partner's income e.g. P60 or recent payslip.
  • Supporting Personal Statement
  • All students must provide a written Personal Statement in support of their application. The statement should provide details of their financial situation and any exceptional circumstances leading to the application for financial assistance. All information given will be treated in strictest confidence.
  • Any funding a student is in receipt ie Scholarship and any external funding.
  • Copy of Rent agreement
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Additional application form Need to upload the new form IR Childcare application (PDF, 196 KB).  If you are unable to open this document, please see the information about Adobe Acrobat for Web documents.


  • The School of International Relations has delegated to Student Services the power to make awards from the Childcare Fund.  The Student Services Adviser’s decision on any application is final. If you are unhappy with the decision and wish to make a complaint, email the Director of Student Services (
  • Applicants will be required to attend an interview.
  • Applicants may be required to produce evidence of need.
  • Although the information given on the application form is confidential to Student Services you should be aware that the University’s auditor may also have access to this information.
  • Student Services may close the Childcare Fund for Postgraduate Research Students at any time.


The information on the online application form has been completed to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that my application to the Childcare Fund will be made on the basis of the information provided.  I understand that I may be contacted to provide further information to support of my application and/or attend an interview.

I understand that should I have intentionally provided inaccurate information that I may be subject to the University’s Non-Academic Misconduct Policy (Students). Action may be taken to recover any award made to me and I may not be permitted to matriculate or graduate until the award is recovered. I note that I will become ineligible to receive an award if I take a Leave of Absence or withdraw from my course.  I confirm that I will notify Student Services of any changes in my circumstances via email (

Further information on childcare in the local area.