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Personal Development Management System

Professional Services Excellence Programme

Key details: This is a pilot programme for nominated management and staff in participating service units. As a prerequisite to the programme, participants must complete the online Diversity and Inclusion training.

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  • Professional staff

Programme information

The Professional Services Excellence Programme comprises a series of short workshops to develop a shared understanding of principles of service excellence, and a common toolkit of techniques and approaches that can be adopted in pursuit of higher levels of service delivery performance.


  • Develop the way staff in service units think about the way they do their job and how that contributes to service excellence
  • Build a shared understanding of how we define service excellence across the University
  • Enable service units to adopt a consistent approach to delivery service excellence
  • Engage and empower service unit staff in evaluating and improving their own services
  • Provide staff with a toolkit of skills and techniques that can be used in developing service excellence
  • Provide staff with external recognition for the programme
  • Ensure staff will be able to apply the concepts and tools in a way that is appropriate for their own service

Unit 1: Understanding Service Excellence

4 courses - you have to complete all of these.

  • PSEP: Adapting to deliver: interpretation, action planning and success
  • PSEP: Introduction to Service Excellence
  • PSEP: Setting the direction
  • PSEP: The customer concept and understanding the customer

Unit 2: Delivering Excellence

4 courses - you have to complete all of these.

  • PSEP: Communicating with our service users
  • PSEP: Complaints - making a negative a positive
  • PSEP: Running focus groups
  • PSEP: Running surveys

Unit 3: Service Unit action planning and implementation

1 courses - you have to complete all of these.

  • PSEP: Action Learning

Unit 4: Enhancing service excellence skills (optional training)

4 courses - these are all optional.

  • Change Management: for Managers
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 1
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 2
  • Effective communication

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