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Academic Staff Development Programme

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  • Academic staff
  • Research staff
  • Research supervisors

Programme information

The Academic Staff Development Programme (ASDP) is a series of focused, bite-sized workshops designed to equip, support and develop members of academic staff and research staff who teach. Workshops fall under 3 themes (Teaching, Service and Research). They are offered once per semester each academic year, and draws upon the knowledge, experience and expertise of staff from a variety of schools/units across the University. The ASDP is designed to complement the guidance and mentoring provided within Schools, where appropriate discipline-based support can best be given.

To view and book places on ASDP workshops, select 'Academic Staff Development Programme' from the Programme Filter on the Personal Development Management System (PDMS)


5 courses - these are all optional.

  • Managing Research Information: an introduction to impact, open access, Pure, data management
  • Managing Research Information: impact in depth
  • Managing Research Information: publishing research data
  • Managing Research Information: Pure, hands-on training
  • Writing Retreat


10 courses - these are all optional.

  • ARDS Reviewer Training
  • Managing people in research teams
  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • PGR Supervisor Training
  • PGR Supervisor Training Elearning Module
  • PhD viva examinations: best practice
  • Recruitment and Selection (Academic and Research Staff)
  • Resilience in the face of change - part 1
  • Resilience in the face of change - part 2
  • Time Management for Academics and Researchers


7 courses - these are all optional.

  • Assessment and feedback
  • Convening a module
  • Effective Lecturing
  • Module Design
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Theories of Learning
  • Voice Awareness for Professional Voice Users

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