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Personal Development Management System

Professional Skills Curriculum Plus: Investment Banking

Key details: A combination of training sessions and documentation of practical experiences offered through GIG for GIG members. Individual workshops need to be booked in addition to booking a place on the programme.

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  • PG research
  • PG taught
  • UG

Programme information

The PSCpluscomprises a range of topics aimed at giving depth in a particular skills area and bridges across to various employability sectors. There are several PSC plus programme strands to choose from including (term one) IT Skills, Communication, Consultancy, and (term two) Enterprise, Negotiation, Organisational Psychology and Teaching.

If you think of the PSC programme as being a letter 'T', the PSC Award provides the horizontal breadth across five or more skills areas, whereas the PSC Plus Award provides the vertical depth into a single skills area. The key difference between the foundational PSC Award and PSC Plus is that the Plus programmes comprise of interconnected workshops, designed to build your learning as you progress through the programme.

Embarking on a PSC Plus Award can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Create an opportunity to build on your PSC Award learning by specialising in an in-depth area
  • Challenge yourself to make links between the workshops and apply them to your studies, extra-curricular activities and future career aim
  • Encouraging you to become a life-long learner, keen to continually develop your skill-set
  • Provide evidence that you can commit to a programme, manage your time well and communicate your learning

PSC Courses

10 courses - you have to complete 5 of these.

  • PSC+ Investment Banking - CV Tailoring and Interview Skills
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Excel 1: Basics (Introduction to Excel Formulae and Functions)
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Excel 2: Excel for Investment Banking (CAPM Model; Modern Portfolio Theory & graphing the optimal portfolio; Merton's Model)
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Financial Valuation 1: Accounting Principles Crash Course
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Financial Valuation 2: Excel Crash Course
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - GIG Speaker Series
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Overview of Opportunities in the Banking Industry
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Power Point for Investment Banking
  • PSC+ Investment Banking - Teamworking
  • PSC+ IT Power Hour: Chart Basics in Excel

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