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Personal Development Management System

Passport to Management Excellence

Key details: This passport is for new, aspiring and existing managers. Please discuss this programme and obtain approval from your manager before submitting your request.

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  • Academic staff
  • Professional staff
  • Research staff
  • Research supervisors

Programme information

The Passport to Management Excellence is an award winning learning opportunity which enables new, existing, and aspiring managers to participate in a structured programme of development.   Evaluation of the programme indicates benefits in the following areas:

  • Enable Managers to feel confident and competent when managing teams and individuals

  • Develop new skills in a range of related areas

  • Network with other managers

  • Build on existing skills and knowledge

  • Experience a wide range of development activities

  • Choose own direction by selecting a tailored learning programme

  • Complete in 30 months

    Participants with approval from their own line manager are invited to apply.  They will then work through a series of core and role-specific workshops at their own pace, as well as being supported by online resources and optional further learning and networking opportunities.  Participants who have already received training and development in a specific area can be given accreditation.

    By spending time exploring and developing your management skills you should find that you, and your team, benefit from new and improved ways of working.

    The aim of the programme is that, over time, managers will feel more confident and develop their own expertise within their management role.  With assured and assertive management skills, managers will find their teams are more easily managed and can expect improved performance.


    • Enable Managers to feel confident and competent when managing their teams.
    • Encourage participants to work cross-functionally and understand that they are part of a wider management group across the organisation
    • Building on prior learning and knowledge.
    • Creating a group of management mentors to help develop less experienced staff in the future  

    It is expected that the majority of participants will complete the programme within two years, however extensions can be requested.


13 courses - you have to complete all of these.

  • Change Management: for Managers (ILM)
  • Diversity for Managers (ILM)
  • Effective communication (ILM)
  • Health and Safety for managers (ILM)
  • HR Policies for Managers: An Introduction (ILM)
  • Introduction to Higher Education Finance (online BUFDG) (ILM)
  • Introduction to Management (ILM)
  • Managing people: motivation and performance (ILM)
  • Mentally Healthy Workplace - Training for Managers (ILM)
  • Mentally Healthy Workplaces Essential Elearning Module (ILM)
  • Project Management: an Introduction (ILM)
  • Recruitment & Selection Practical - Professional Staff (ILM)
  • Time Management (ILM)


18 courses - these are all optional.

  • Age awareness for people managers
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Back to the Future: Skills for the 21st Century Manager
  • Budget Management
  • Coaching: An Introduction
  • Creating Positive Outcomes - from difficult conversations
  • Discover your team role
  • Ease the Load - Feeling Good About Your Busy Life
  • Leading Change
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills Part I
  • Presentation Skills Part II
  • RDS Reviewers
  • Resilience in the face of change - part 1
  • Resilience in the face of change - part 2
  • Scottish Mental Health First Aid - 2 day Course
  • Understanding Thinking Styles

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