Microsoft Excel: Using Functions

Audience: Academic staff, PG research, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Tuesday 20 August 2024

Times: 14.45 to 16.45

Key details: Live in-classroom session: Powerful calculation skills for those already familiar with spreadsheet formula basics. (In-person delivery; WBH-Eden Campus)

Qualifications needed

It is highly recommended that you will have attended the Creating and Using Formulae course or already have an understanding of the various types of cell referencing.

Course information

This course is aimed at developing skills in Excel with more complex functions used in making predictive and 'what-if' calculations and using other formulae techniques:

Skills covered include:

  • using IF functions and a range of other logical functions for conditional statements
  • using nested functions
  • using a range of lookup and reference functions

The approach will give you confidence to explore and employ other functions in general.

It is highly recommended that you will have attended the Creating and Using Formulae course as you must have a good understanding of cell referencing.

What previous participants have said:

  • "I knew some of the basic Formulae and Functions but I came away with so much more insight and ability."
  • "This course taught me methods and skills which I had seen be used on other spreadsheets but never knew how to set them up myself. I feel the student has become the master and now my colleagues and friends will be coming to me and asking for help."
  • "Far easier to do in-person due to the ability of the tutor to fix issues physically instead of talking someone through it."

Baed on Excel M365 for Windows.

NOTE: These are live, classroom sessions requiring attendance at the statd venue. (In-person delivery; WBH-Eden Campus)

These courses are not open to those on Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate programs.




Sonny Evans


Walter Bower House, Eden Campus, Guardbridge - IT Classroom

Course provider