Microsoft Excel: Creating and Using Formulae

Audience: Academic staff, PG research, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Tuesday 20 August 2024

Times: 13.00 to 14.30

Key details: Live in-classroom session: Introduces working with calculations in spreadsheets. (In-person delivery; WBH-Eden Campus)

Qualifications needed

Have attended "Introduction to Excel: Managing data" OR you should already be familiar and comfortable with entering and manipulating data in Excel with an understanding of data types and number formatting.

Follow on course

Microsoft Excel: Using Functions

Course information

This course introduces key principles and skills required in working with calculations in spreadsheets. It is aimed at those already familiar with the basics of using the Excel interface.

Skills covered include:

  • formula basics
  • understanding cell and formula referencing
  • creating a range of formulae types
  • using basic Excel functions
  • formulae auditing tools
  • error checking

What previous partiocipants have said:

  • "Even if you think you already have a basic understanding of any software it is always worthwhile to attend one of these courses as there is so much more you can learn."
  • "This has given me confidence to use formulae in my work when I might have tried to do everything manually before"
  • "Applied immediately to my current excel sheets."

Based on Excel M365 for Windows

NOTE: These are live sessions requiring attendance at the stated venue.

These courses are NOT open to those on Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate programs.


Sonny Evans


Walter Bower House, Eden Campus, Guardbridge - IT Classroom

Course provider