Microsoft Word: Producing a dissertation

Audience: PG taught

Date: Thursday 6 June 2024

Times: 14.00 to 17.00

Programme: MSkills

Key details: In-classroom course: Skills required to create and manage a long complex document in MS Word.

Target audience

Taught Postgraduates only. Research Postgraduates should not book this course, there is a separate course specifically for PGRs, "Microsoft Word: Producing a thesis"

Qualifications needed

A good working knowledge of MS Word is required and a familiarity with the Windows environment as you must work on a classroom machine.

Course information

NOTE: This is a face-to-face teaching session and attendance  in-person is required.

This course is particularly relevant to those attending the Dissertation Bootcamp, but is open to any PGT.

Writing a long, formal document such as a thesis or dissertation requires more care and greater preparation than writing short ones such as essays. Time invested before starting to write your thesis or dissertation will save a good deal of time later. It is much easier to make changes to formatting and other layout and structural features if they are set up correctly in the first instance.

The workshop is based on 365 Apps version of Word for Windows as installed in the classroom, but the skills are transferable for users of Office  for Mac. You are required to use a classroom computer to participate in the course, so you do not need to bring your own device.

What previous participants have said:

  • "This was phenomenally helpful. I really appreciated the chance to use the PCs and try each function as it was described. Having access to the documents folder after the class is already proving to be invaluable. Thanks for a great class!"
  • "This session completely changed how I use Word and I'm using it so much more effectively now! It's invaluable as a session to help you organise your dissertation and present it efficiently. Using these techniques will save me so much time!"


Aims and objectives

This course includes details and advice on the use of features in Word that are particularly important when writing a thesis or dissertation, including:

  • Configuring and using styles to comply with thesis requirements
  • Tables, illustrations and captions
  • Page numbering and cross-referencing
  • Structuring with sections
  • Customising headers and footers
  • Tables of contents/figures


Sonny Evans


Butts Wynd 01 Computer Classroom

Course provider