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Menopause Yoga

Audience: Academic staff, PG research, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021

Times: 13.15 to 13.45

Key details: Microsoft Teams. A 30-minute yoga session designed to help alleviate symptoms of the menopausal experience.

Target audience

All university employees

Course information

Yoga offers many benefits to those of us at any stages of ourmenopause journey.The list of menopause symptoms is long and varied, and will change over time as people transition from perimenopause through menopause and beyond.In this series of classes well begin to explore how yoga can help you navigate your menopause journey; whether youre experiencing physical changes such as aching joints, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia or hot flushes, or youre feeling anxious, angry, forgetful or tearful (often all in the same day!).No previous experience of yoga is required.

Dr Penny Turnbull is a certified Menopause Yoga teacher.

Should you wish to use a chair, mat, pillow, or blanket, you are welcome to. Flexible and comfortable clothing is recommended. You can expect to come away from this class feeling relaxed and a little sleepy.

Aims and objectives

This class is designed to:

  • relax participants
  • release restless energy
  • develop awareness of practices that will help promote relaxation


Dr Penny Turnbull

Course provider