Passport to Management Excellence (Core)

The Passport to Management Excellence is a learning opportunity which enables managers to participate in a structured programme of development.  The programme was launched in November 2010.  Evaluation of the programme indicates benefits in the following areas:

Everyone in the University with people management responsibilities is invited to register for the programme.  Participants will work through a series of core and role-specific workshops at their own pace, as well as being supported by online resources and optional further learning and networking opportunities.  Participants who have already received training and development in a specific area will be given accreditation.

By spending time exploring and developing your management skills you should find that you, and your team, benefit from new and improved ways of working.

The aim of the programme is that, over time, managers will feel more confident and develop their own expertise within their management role.  With assured and assertive management skills, managers will find their teams are more easily managed and can expect improved performance.To view the required core and optional workshops please see the application. To begin, complete the application and submit it to The time frame to complete the programme is 24 months.


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