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Managing people

Supervising others; managing change; mediation; supervisor updates.

Negotiation Skills

Date: Mon 9 Oct 2017
Time: 0930-1630
Programme: Passport to Management Excellence (Optional)


Kate Smith

Course provider



C5 Seminar Room, Bute Building - This venue does not have full mobility access. If you have any access requirements, please contact CAPOD direct at

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Do you find it difficult or stressful to easily make your views known to colleagues and line managers?  Do you have trouble saying ‘no’ when others ask you to fit another task into an already over-crowded schedule?  If so try developing your negotiation and boundary-setting skills to help with these and other situations.

This course will enable you to negotiate easily and successfully in any area of your life.  The situation might vary but the key skills involved in negotiating any situation stay constant.  The course will teach you how to gracefully set boundaries, getting the best out of every situation and keeping goodwill from everyone involved.


Aims and objectives

  • Be able to negotiate successfully verbally and in text.
  • Identify and present the logic of negotiation to others.
  • Easily and clearly set and maintain boundaries.
  • Anticipate, navigate and win through difficult conversations.
  • Have conflict-free negotiations
  • Use strategies to achieve your short and long term objectives
  • Attain self-assertiveness.




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