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Information management and IT

Information literacy; Microsoft office; bibliographic software; Outlook; Terminalfour Site Manager; Qlikview; other University software.

LaTeX for Beginners

Date: Wed 1 May 2019
Time: 900-1300
Key details: An introduction to the high-quality typesetting system LaTeX


This course is intended for complete beginners and assumes no prior knowledge of LaTex or any other computing language.


Mr Owen Daily

Course provider

Website: CAPOD



Butts Wynd PC Classroom, Butts Wynd

Course information

This beginners course will introduce the essential elements of LaTeX, the de facto standard for academic document preparation across disciplines, particularly  Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Humanities.

This course is not open to those on Taught Postgraduate programs.

Aims and objectives

By the end of the course, you will understand the key differences between LaTeX document production and word processing. You will be able to produce simple, professional quality, structured documents with:

  • Sections
  • Cross-references
  • Mathematics
  • Tables and figures
  • Automatically generated cross-references
  • Lists of illustrations,
  • Bibliographies and Table of Contents
  • Formatting and styling options

Your finished work will be typeset and ready for peer-review, press-ready for print publication and / or distribution online.

Participants will gain an appreciation of the fundamentals of LaTeX typography, page layout and other page design principles, with links to further study and resources for collaborative editing and workflows.



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