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Personal Development Management System

Managing people: motivation and performance

Audience: Academic staff, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Monday 31 May 2021

Times: 10.00 to 12.30

Programme: Passport to Management Excellence
Programme: Dignity and Inclusion Portfolio

Key details: Microsoft Teams. You will be emailed a calendar invite in advance for you to join on the day.

Course information

One of the most challenging aspects of being a manager is managing the performance of your staff. It can be difficult, particularly when managing under-performance, to know how best to broach the issue and what measures to put in place.

This course is targeted at staff in management positions and focuses on understanding when performance needs to be addressed, how it can be approached and how motivation is a central issue to individual performance.

Aims and objectives


Be able to define under-performance in the workplace
Understand what motivates people at work and how motivation impacts on performance
Understand how management styles relate to performance management


Mrs Lynn Neville (OSDS)

Course provider