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Personal Development Management System

Resilience in the face of change - part 1

Audience: Academic staff, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Wednesday 16 June 2021

Times: 09.30 to 12.30

Programme: Passport to Administrative Excellence
Programme: Passport to Management Excellence
Programme: Passport to Research Futures
Programme: Dignity and Inclusion Portfolio
Programme: Passport to Health and Wellbeing
Programme: Academic Staff Development Programme

Key details: Zoom meeting. You will be emailed a link in advance for you to join on the day.

Target audience

All staff

Course information


The pace of life and the speed of change are becoming relentlessly faster and more demanding. Constant organisational changes, changing roles or our high expectations can leave people feeling overwhelmed and with a disconnect between mind and body. Our attention is constantly under siege and our focus can become blurred by multiple distractions which have a negative impact.

Building resilience doesnt mean just coping with change to survive it means feelingenergised in this constantly changing environment. To do this, we need to be aware of our reactions to change and learn strategies which equip us with increased resilience.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who would like to pause and reflect on how they might strengthen their resilience in order to cope better with change

What youll learn:

1. Whats going on?

How busy are you and what impact is that having?

Consider what types of change you are experiencing.

2. Can anything be done?

Become conscious of your self-talk.

Understand what empowering and limiting beliefs you hold using the Iceberg analogy.

The power of neuroplasticity.

Explore a fixed versus a growth mindset.

3. What can I do?

Build a positive, present and confident mindset.

Understand how we respond to change using the Bridges Transition curve.

Explore how your response is different for imposed change compared to intentional change.

Adopt strategies to move your mindset for a change youre currently experiencing.

Consider your sphere of influence.

What strategies can build your resilience?

Learn to listen carefully and create a pause for your response.

Build a supportive network.

Recognise that multi-tasking is inefficient.

Consider exercises to build into your daily life to keep you present and in control.

Aims and objectives

This session will help you to become aware of your mindset and learn how much of your response to change is within your control.


Lorna Hudson

Lorna started her career in marketing by joining Cadbury as a graduate, and later moved to Cussons.  Driven by the step-change that people can achieve when they learn to market themselves better, in 1996 Lorna shifted her focus from promoting products to helping her clients to improve their own impact and workplace performance by increasing their self-awareness.  She now runs a thriving business called Individual Impact.  Whether face to face or online, her direct, dynamic and engaging style has energised thousands of individuals.


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