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Personal Development Management System

Eating Well - Menopause

Audience: Academic staff, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Monday 17 May 2021

Times: 10.00 to 12.00

Programme: Dignity and Inclusion Portfolio
Programme: Passport to Health and Wellbeing

Key details: Zoom meeting. You will be emailed a link in advance for you to join on the day.

Target audience

All staff who are interested in menopause.

Course information

This session has been designed to provide information about foods which can exacerbate, cause, and relieve menopausal symptons. It will be delivered by a mixture of presentation and activities. Lifestyle factors will also be considered and discussed.

Aims and objectives

Understand what menopause is
Learn about specific foods to decrease menopausal symptoms
Learn about specific foods and lifestyle practices to relieve menopausal symptoms
Activities to understand the concepts and make better choices


Dr Madeleine Hardus

Madeleine studied Nutrition and Health at the Amsterdam University, obtained a masters degree (MSc) in Ecology & Behavior at the University of Utrecht and defended her PhD at the University of Amsterdam on Great Ape diet & the Evolution of Human diet. Furthermore, she specialized in Orthomolecular Nutrition Therapy at the Dutch Ortho Institute and became a Digestive Intensive Graduate of the Holistic Nutrition Lab (USA). Because of her scientific background, Madeleine likes to read published articles to keep fully updated with any new discoveries and advances in the fields of nutrition and biomedicine as well as attending international conferences and workshops on these topics.

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