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Personal Development Management System

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour 1

Audience: Academic staff, Professional staff, Research staff, Research supervisors

Date: Thursday 25 March 2021

Times: 09.30 to 12.30

Programme: Passport to Administrative Excellence
Programme: Dignity and Inclusion Portfolio
Programme: Passport to Health and Wellbeing

Key details: Zoom meeting. You will be emailed a link in advance for you to join on the day.

Course information


Behaviour by individuals and groups, which causes others problems, and which limits the potential of all concerned to learn and live their lives in as full and free a manner as possible. (Crawley 2005: 89)

Course Description:

Participants will engage in personal work and dialogue to explore the different types of behaviour in self and others. Case studies will be discussed to look at where behaviours originate and how each individual works with them. This course is set to increase your self awareness, assertiveness and confidence in dealing with difficult behaviour.

Being assertive does not mean attacking or ignoring others feelings. It means you are willing to hold up for yourself fairly-without attacking others. Albert Ellis Theory of Personality.

Aims and objectives


1. To understand different types of behaviour: Passive, Aggressive, Manipulative and Assertive

2. To learn how to manage the difficult behaviours

3. To increase self awareness

4. Understand negative characteristics and their routes

5. Increase confidence and assertiveness


1. To recognise different behaviours and aim to practice how to deal with them

2. Take away coping strategies to make positive change


Sylvia Hillman

Sylvia Hillman is a conscientious, influential and enthusiastic Trainer/Therapist and Career Consultant with over 20 years of experience, working with adults and students in further and higher education as well as experience in managing in the private and voluntary sector. Previous work experience was in the recycling and fitness industry.

Has a wealth of consultancy experience with military personnel in resettlement and provides guidance and advice in supporting change in the workplace, aiding transition and exploring difficult behaviour in working relationships.  Is supportive, friendly and understands the constant demands and expectations in the fast moving work environment. Holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Advanced Diploma in Teaching Further Education gained whilst teaching HNC in F.E.  Autonomous, people focussed, enjoys variety and challenge.

Sylvia also trained in psychodynamic and person-centred counselling with a post graduate diploma (with distinction) and MSc from Edinburgh University.  She has worked with risk, resilience and a great deal of change, personally and within various organisational structures. Has extensive experience working  with a range of health and wellbeing concerns with a personal interest in the neurodiverse brain  and the menopause. A  BACP accreditated and professional member.

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