Passport to Management Excellence

Want to develop and increase your management skills?‌‌

  • Please discuss your application with your line manager.  They will need to support your application to take part.‌‌‌
  • To submit an application, choose the programme and submit via this link:
       PDMS (booking system)

The Passport to Management Excellence concept

This passport is for new, aspiring and existing managers.  We recognise that some staff may have relevant, recent, learning experiences.  This learning can be accredited under the Passport to Management Excellence scheme.  Participants will use a learning log, in the form of a Passport to record progress.

Participants will normally complete within 2 years but up to 30 months is acceptable.  In certain circumstances an extension to allow 3 years can be granted.  Please just let us know if you need extra time.

Participants require their manager's permission to take part in the programme.


The objectives for the Passport to Management Excellence.

  • Enable Managers to feel confident and competent when managing teams and individuals

  • Develop new skills in a range of related areas

  • Network with other managers

  • Build on existing skills and knowledge

  • Experience a wide range of development activities

  • Choose own direction by selecting a tailored learning programme

  • Complete in 30 months

Passport workshops

Participants are expected to attend the relevant 'core workshops', and 'optional workshops' as discussed and agreed with own line-manager.  You can book a place on a workshop via PDMS:

Core workshops

Core workshops - attendance required.
recommended that you attend the Introduction to Management (formerly Supervising Your Staff) workshop early on in your passport journey.

  • Change Management: for Managers

  • Diversity for Managers

  • Effective Communication

  • Health & Safety for Managers

  • HR Policies for Managers:  An Introduction

  • Introduction to Management (formerly Supervising your staff)

  • Managing People: Motivation & Performance

  • Mentally Healthy Workplace - Training for Managers

  • Project Management: An Introduction

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Sustainability for Managers
  • Time Management


Online courses (via Moodle)

  • Introduction to Higher Education Finance -  British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG)

  • Mentally Healthy Workplace - Training for Managers

  • Recruitment and Selection (pre-requisite online element)

Optional workshops (Learning Journeys)

Role-specific workshops - attendance encouraged if relevant to role, and should be discussed / agreed with own manager).

  • Assertiveness

  • Back to the Future: Skills for 21st Century Managers

  • Budget Management

  • Coaching: An introduction

  • Creating Positive Outcomes – from Difficult Conversations

  • Discover your Team Role

  • Ease The Load

  • Leading Change

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • RDS Reviewers

  • Resilience in the face of change (part 1)

  • Resilience in the face of change (part 2)

  • Scottish Mental Health First Aid

  • Understanding Thinking Styles

Independent Travel

Other development.

  • 15FQ+ personality profiling

  • 360 feedback

  • Action learning sets

  • Awayday with own team

  • Benchmarking visit

  • JTI personality profiling

  • Moodle resources

  • Networking activities

  • HR Policies for Managers: An introduction

The Alumni Club

Since the launch of the Passport to Management Excellence (PME) in 2010, over 100 people have graduated demonstrating individual commitment to and an interest in personal and professional development.  The PME Alumni Club provides continuing professional development for PME graduates, offering access to exclusive workshops and other development events, such as the annual Alumni Club Summit.