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Research Staff Rep Funding: for networking and professional development

Research Staff Forum Representatives in each School are welcome to apply for funding from OSDS (previously known as CAPOD) to support networking and professional development activities which are primarily designed for Research Staff (research assistants / research fellows).

These funds, up to a total of £250 per School (or for the School Research Staff Forum Representative) can only be accessed and returned by a Research Staff Forum Representative.

Please visit the Research Staff Forum webpage to learn more about the Forum and to see the full list of Representatives.

If two or more Research Staff Reps from different Schools decide to run a collaborative event, the primary applicant must indicate who they are collaborating with in the application form, to ensure that costs are reimbursed appropriately to the correct School/s. 

A short post-event report must be provided and returned to OSDS by the primary applicant only - the link to this online form will be sent out to successful applicants. OSDS may ask to share the details of an event on University webpages 

Funding Guidlines and application

Application form

Research Staff Forum Representatives are welcome to complete the online application form.

Please note that all costs for the event must be paid upfront by the School/s and that costs (up to £250 per event) will be reimbursed once the completed event report has been received by OSDS - the link to this online form will only be sent out to successful applicants.


  1. OSDS cannot guarantee that applications will be approved or that approved applications will be awarded the full amount applied for
  2. Applications must be received by OSDS no later than 1 working week prior to the start of the event to which the application relates
  3. OSDS aims to process applications within 48 hours of receipt
  4. OSDS cannot provide funding retrospectively
  5. All funding is distributed after the event upon the receipt of a completed event report. You will receive instructions on how to claim your funding if you are successful in your application.
  6. OSDS will not fund the purchase of alcohol. OSDS will not contribute to the costs of meals or entertainments outwith the University
  7. OSDS will consider funding to cover/contribute to the cost of catering/accommodation/other relevant services ordered within the University
  8. Other examples of costs that may be covered by this funding would include travel to a networking or professional development event (e.g. at another University) or costs to bring in an external speaker
  9. Awards are made from our funds for the current academic year.

Renewable funding

Renewable funding

Once the post-event report for the funded event has been provided, the Research Staff Forum Representative will then be eligible to apply for a further tranche of funding up to a maximum of 4 times per year, or until the available funding is exhausted.

How are Schools using this funding?

Geography and Geosciences Networking event
On 13 July the School of Geography and Geosciences hosted a network gathering for research staff and teaching fellows within the School.  Dr David McCollum, Research Staff Representative for the School, shares his view on some of the benefits of the event:

  • Meeting new acquaintances: “Many of the research staff met each other for the first time at the event, so it was an opportunity to become aware of the extent and composition of the research staff community within the School. There was an extremely congenial atmosphere at the event and new friendships were established.”
  • Sharing anecdotes about being a contracted researcher: "A tour de table involved participants introducing themselves and their research experience and interests in an informal manner. This allowed attendees to share their tales of research and of being a contracted member of staff in an informal, fun and mutually supportive way.”
  • Identifying opportunities for professional collaborations: "Research staff were able to identify and discuss (sometimes surprising) commonalities in their research interests and methodologies. The gathering thus provided an opportunity for research staff to recognise and pursue opportunities to collaborate and support each other in their professional endeavours.”
  • Next steps: “Overall attendees felt that the gathering was fun, enjoyable and beneficial in terms of building social and professional ties within the School. There is strong enthusiasm for further networking events in the future.”



Dr Diane Munday
Staff Developer
(Research Staff)

Hebs Block
St Salvator's Quad
T: (01334) 462241

Application form

Research Staff Rep Funding Application form