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Public Engagement Portfolio

Engaging with the public is becoming increasingly and strategically important for higher education institutions with a view to strengthening relevance, responsiveness, accountability and trust in the research that takes place within them. Researchers at all stages in their career are therefore becoming more aware of the importance of engagement activities, and developing transferrable skills along the way. 

OSDS and the Public Engagement Research (PER) Team have developed a portfolio of activities to ensure that researchers at all levels have the skills and knowledge to enable them to participate in PE successfully and be recognised for their endeavours.

On completion of a range of PE development activities participants will be awarded a certificate of completion. The portfolio is mapped to Domain D of Vitae’s Research Development Framework – Engagement, Influence and Impact.

To learn more learn more about the activities involved in the Public Engagement Portfolio and the following areas:

  • PEP Application process
  • Building your PEP
  • Problems, queries, suggestions and feedback

please visit the dedicated webpages.


Dr Heather McKiggan Fee

T: (01334) 46 2241

Public Engagement Portfolio (PEP) Team