Professional Services Excellence Programme

The creation of an institutional development programme to provide a consistent, shared approach to developing service excellence has been discussed over the last year at the Saints + group. A core group of of Service Unit professionals have been collaborating to design this programme and is now launching a pilot to take place summer/autumn 2021. Set out below is further information about the programme, what participation will involve and how service Units confirm their interest in taking part.

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What is it?

Based on experience from across the University, a number of Units have collaborated to create a new development programme which aims to provide professional service units - management and staff - with a shared understanding of the principles of service excellence, and a common toolkit of techniques and approaches that can be adopted in pursuit of higher levels of service delivery performance.

 The Professional Services Excellence Programme (PSEP) will:

  • develop the way staff in service units think about the way they do their job and how that contributes to service excellence

  • provide a shared understanding of how we define service excellence across the University

  • enable Service Units to adopt a consistent approach to delivery service excellence

  • engage and empower Service Unit staff in evaluating and improving their own services

  • provide staff with a toolkit of skills and techniques that can be used in developing service excellence

  • provide staff with external recognition for the programme

  • enable staff to apply the concepts and tools of service excellence in a way that is appropriate for their own service

How will it work?

With a mix of formats and delivered by a combination of internal/external expertise, the programme is structured around 4 Units:

Unit 1: Understanding Service Excellence – the principles and concepts of excellent customer service

Unit 2: Delivering Excellence – the ‘how to’: practical tools and techniques for service excellence

Unit 3: Service Unit Action Planning and Implementation – putting the ideas, the tools and techniques into action to create real change

Unit 4: Enhancing Service Excellence Skills – additional training which can be undertaken on an optional basis.

View the Programme overview below for more information, including a full list of workshop titles and descriptions, and workshop dates where available.

How to take part

The PSEP core team (from OSDS, Library Services and Saints Sports), will be running a pilot programme summer/autumn 2021.

We are looking for up to five Service Units to take part at this stage. If Units agree to take part:

  1. They will make a commitment to service excellence
  2. The Service Director, or a member of the senior team (i.e. a direct report), as a minimum will attend all modules in Unit 1
  3. The Service Director will nominate up to 4 team members (as outlined below) to participate. Smaller Units may nominate fewer than 4. Names of nominees should be emailed to, no later than 16 July 2021
  4. Nominated participants will attend all modules in Units 1 and 2.
  5. The Service Unit, with its participants acting as ‘Service Excellence Champions’ will follow through with Unit 3 - the action learning component of the programme – using the learning from Units 1 and 2 to develop and implement a service improvement plan, to reflect on the process and to evaluate success.

Who should attend?

Each participating Unit may nominate up to 4 team members to participate. They should be:

  • Experienced staff members with a good understanding of their service and how it contributes to the University overall
  • Able to influence service delivery within their Unit

  • Able to propagate service excellence concepts and techniques within the Unit, to act as a ‘Service Excellence Champion’ and to drive forward service excellence

Further information about the programme is available below under Programme Overviewq. If you’d like to talk to a member of the core team, please email

Programme overview

The programme overview document lists the units and modules with descriptions of content, format and duration.

PSEP programme outline (PDF, 217 KB)

The programme is also now live on PDMS