Coronavirus information and guidance

Internet access

There is a range of ways in which new students and their guests can connect to the internet in St Andrews.

Internet access in your hall

All students in a hall of residence can connect to the University wifi network, Eduroam. A range of devices, including laptop computers and mobile and tablet devices can connect to Eduroam. Instructions on how to connect your device to Eduroam can be found on the IT Support web pages.

Each bedroom in a hall of residence also has a wired access point for each student. In order to connect in this manner, you will need an ethernet (CAT5) cable which should be available within your hall. More information about wired connections.

Internet access across the University

Eduroam is available to all students at St Andrews across most University buildings, including the library, lecture halls and the Students' Association. Once you have connected your device to Eduroam, it should automatically connect to Eduroam any time you are in range of the network. 

If you have not yet connected a device to Eduroam, see instructions on how to connect your device to Eduroam.

Internet access for visitors

Visitors – including parents and other guests – will not be able to connect to Eduroam as you require a St Andrews account in order to connect to the network. However, the University has entered into a partnership with BT to deliver the BT wifi service throughout the campus for those who have no legitimate access to our educational network, Eduroam.

Find out how to connect to the BT wifi service.