The vast majority of Nightline volunteers are anonymous. The core group of anonymous listening volunteers are made up of both undergraduate and postgraduate volunteers from various academic disciplines and academic years.

Five of our volunteers are what we call Public Faces. The Public Faces are non-anonymous volunteers who, because of their position within the organisation, must be able to publicly represent Nightline. The Public Face volunteers are all ex-listening volunteers, who gave up their anonymity to take on more responsibilities in terms of the management and publicity side of things. The five Public Faces are: Director, Deputy Director, Training & Recruitment Officer and two Publicity Officers.

Kieran Wallbanks
4th Year Psychology and Computer Science

Fiona Blackwood
4th Year Geography
Deputy Director

Anna Atwell
4th Year International Relations
Training & Recruitment Officer

Daniel Johnstone
3rd Year Medicine
Publicity Officer

Adeline Um
4th Year Psychology and Social Anthropology
Publicity Officer