In addition to providing our listening service Nightline volunteers are also on hand to answer any information requests you may have. Whether you’re in need of emergency contraception, the location of an obscure exam venue, a taxi number, cinema listings, bus schedules, Nightline volunteers will be able to help you find the information at any hour of the night.

So if you’re struggling to find something, know that Nightline would be happy to help – and if we can’t find the answer to a specific question we will be able to provide you with contact information of someone who can.

St Andrews Nightline is not only a listening service, but we are also here to provide information to any callers. As an extension of this aspect of our service, we are so excited to announce the creation of a public information database. Currently in it’s pilot phase, the full database will launch in November. The current pilot version focuses on information particularly pertinent to Freshers and will be added to continually for the next couple of months. Eventually, the database aims to be a central location for information, with a large focus on wellbeing related information and resources, though it shall also contain more practical information. The inspiration for the content of this database has come from discussions with our volunteers about the kind of information that is regularly requested. We want to make this database work for you, and so we would love to hear any feedback you have.