Available from 8pm – Midnight

Click on the banner below to chat with our trained listening volunteers:

When you have finished talking to our volunteers, please exit the chat room by clicking the red ‘X’ in the window before you close your browser. Thanks!

Unavailable? If online chat is currently unavailable, it may mean our service is currently being used. You’re welcome to try us back on our messaging service later in the evening before midnight, or you can try our phone on 01334 46 22 66; or our email at nightline@st-andrews.ac.uk. Our phone and email services remain open until 7am. If you are looking for immediate support you can also try contacting the Samaritans, who offer a 24hr listening service at 116 123; or, if you’re having a student welfare emergency and would like to speak to someone face-to-face, you can try the University Out of Hours service on 01334 47 61 61.

When will IM be available?

IM will be open every night halls are open from 8 PM until Midnight. Our phone and email services remain open until 7am.

How do I use the IM service?

Click on the banner found on this page or on our homepage! You will be entered into a queue and our volunteers will connect to you as quickly as possible.

What can I message about?

Nightline’s listening and information service is available to discuss anything and everything, nothing is too big or too small – if it’s on your mind, Nightline is here to listen.

Who will respond to my messages?

Nightline has two anonymous listening volunteers of different gender identities on shift every night that halls of residence are open. Our listening volunteers undertake over forty hours of training and participate in continuous training to ensure that they can provide the best service possible. If you wish to speak with a listening volunteer of a particular gender you can at anytime request that you be passed on to the respective volunteer on shift.

Please be aware that both listening volunteers may be viewing your instant messaging conversation at various points through the chat.

All of our training practices are in accordance with Nightline Association’s Good Practice Guidelines.

What can I expect if I message the service?

While our response time is dependent on the number of people trying to contact us, our listening volunteers aim to respond to messages within a reasonable period of time. Our volunteers are trained in non-directive, non-judgmental active listening. This means that the service is available for you to discuss anything that’s on your mind, on your own terms.

We hope that providing a safe environment for students to talk will enable them to freely explore their thoughts and arrive at their own conclusions.

How soon can I expect a response?

Nightline will only ever engage with one phone call, email or instant message at a time to ensure that every contact is treated as an utmost priority. Our volunteers will aim to respond to instant messages within as soon as they receive them.

If you would like to contact us but our IM or phone services is busy, feel free to e-mail us at nightline@st-andrews.ac.uk. Click here to learn more about our e-listening  service.

Will my messages be kept private?

Nightline will always treat the information students choose to share with utmost confidentiality. Details of contacts will not be passed on to the University, and students can be assured that we will uphold our confidentiality policy.

There are, however, certain cases under which we are legally obligated to disclose information, namely direct threats of harm to others or information regarding threats of terrorism, however those are exceptions to our rule of complete confidentiality. Learn more here.

Will IM be different from calling or e-mailing Nightline?

While IM is a relatively new way of getting in touch with our service, our approach to confidential, non-judgmental, non-directive, empathetic listening will remain the same. We hope that IM will make our service more accessible and will improve our ability to reach even more of the student community.