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MU2001 Making Music 2

Semester 2

This module builds on the practical skills and musicianship developed in MU1004. Students can choose to perform a 30-minute solo performance or submit a portfolio of compositions. The module will support students who wish to tackle more demanding repertoire or compose for more ambitious forces, and help students to understand how their creative voice can be enhanced by scholarship from the field of Performance Studies and their own reflective practice. Written work is very closely aligned to performance or composition, and offers further opportunities to develop and articulate personal views. Students will receive subsidised instrumental/vocal/composition lessons at the Music Centre (covering five hours' tuition over the semester). There may also be opportunities for masterclasses with professional musicians as part of the student workload outside formally timetabled classes.

In exceptional circumstances, entry could be by audition. Before taking this module you must gain an average mark of at least 14 from MU1004.

Module coordinator: Tom Wilkinson

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MU2001 Booklet (PDF, 184 KB)  

Music Modules Handbook (PDF, 551 KB) 

Audition Policy (PDF, 49 KB)