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MU2004 Electronic Music

Semester 2

This is a practical module offering students the opportunity to work in the Music Centre's studio to create music from electronic sources. Accompanying lectures and seminars examine the history of electronic music, amplified music, and computer music and look at works by significant composers and innovators who have worked in these genres, from Stockhausen to Jimi Hendrix. 

The module also offers tuition on the music software package Cockos REAPER. No prior experience in electronic music is necessary in order to take the module, but some knowledge of music notation or music theory would be advantageous.

Tutorials will be arranged using the MMS system and take place in even week numbers.

As with all music modules, the course is suitable for students from all schools within the University. Scientists who wish to take this course are advised to put their name down for doing any laboratory work in their main subject area on a Tuesday afternoon at the earliest opportunity. Please check with your main subject area for their laboratory timetabling details.

Module Coordinator: Dr. Jonathan Kemp

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Subtractive Synthesizer


MU2004 Booklet (PDF, 265 KB) N.B. The module is swapping to use Cockos REAPER instead of Apple Logic Pro X from January 2017.

Music Modules Handbook (PDF, 633 KB)