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What the singers say...

"It has definitely been the highlight of my semester."
An alto (2011-)

"I sang as a bass with the Renaissance Singers for four years, and it was truly a wonderful experience to be part of the group. We covered a wide range of pieces, covering composers from Scotland, France, Spain, and many more countries. It was an honour to rehearse in the university chapel on a weekly basis, in addition to singing in some very beautiful church venues around Fife and beyond. Please consider auditioning- you will be surrounded by great people and will not be disappointed!"
Drew Hall (bass 2008- 2012)

"I've really really enjoyed it and feel I've improved lots over the two years."
An alto (2010- 2012)

"The Renaissance Singers is a wonderful group to be a part of; the company is always superb and the music is always beautiful, so inevitably all the members can't help but have a good time. The rehearsals are full of banter and the concerts are definitely as enjoyable; this ensemble really is for anyone with any interest at all in choral music!"
Peter Feeney (bass 2008- 2012)

"When I joined the Renaissance Singers I was not familiar with Renaissance music; having sung in a cathedral choir during much of my youth I was more at home with Bach and Mozart.  However, after becoming acquainted with Tallis and Palestrina I saw the beauty of the way every voice in the choir often has its own melody which follows the other voices.
The charm of singing with the Renaissance Singers lies not only in keeping up a choral tradition but also in the relaxed atmosphere of our rehearsals where young and old have fun singing together at the end of a day in the library or at work.
I think the intimate size of the choir makes every singer important and gives you an opportunity to develop as a singer. After graduating from St Andrews I bring with me the experience of three fun years with the Renaissance Singers and will definitely continue singing."
André Holmqvist (tenor 2010- 2013)

"I was a soprano with the Ren Singers for three years and loved it. The choir strikes a brilliant balance between a group that's fun and easy going, but also which works hard to sing challenging pieces, emphasising the nuances in the music, which makes it both beautiful and enjoyable to sing. With concerts in and out of town, going as far as Stirling Castle, the Ren Singers is a great group to be in that mixes town and gown, helping students to burst the bubble. I would thoroughly recommend joining!"
Annie Hollands (soprano 2010- 2013)

Ren Singers at Stirling Castle (April 2012) 220 pixels wide

Stirling Castle, April 2012