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Instrumental scholarships

The Music Centre awards a number of scholarships to instrumentalists which pay the full cost of instrumental tuition for the year.  Some scholarships are open to any instrument, while others are reserved for specific instruments.

Though formal musical qualifications are not a condition for applying for scholarships, we would normally expect successful applicants to be of a standard of playing at least equivalent to Grade 8 in the UK Associated Board exams.

Auditions are held during Orientation Week and Week 1 of the first semester.  The audition dates are here. Candidates will be expected to play a piece of about five minutes' duration; an accompanist is not provided, nor expected, although you may bring your own if you wish.

Specific scholarships

  • Blüthner Piano Scholarship
  • Christina Kennedy Memorial Scholarship (Piano)
  • James Galway Flute Scholarship
  • Hetty Buchanan Cello Scholarship
  • David Smith Scholarship (for a Science student)
  • Kate Kennedy Club Scholarship

Piano scholarships

Up to four piano scholarships are available each year. Piano scholars have solo performance opportunities in masterclasses and concerts. As well as working on solo repertoire, all pianists are expected to undertake regular accompanying duties. The extent of these duties may vary depending on experience, but is likely to include accompanying other students in lessons, rehearsals and performances. Accompanying is overseen by the University Organist, Tom Wilkinson. Piano scholarship auditions comprise of a solo performance (own choice) and a short piece of sight-reading.

Scholarship Ensembles

Scholarships are available for students who will form the Music Centre's string quartets, saxophone quartet, wind quintet and brass ensemble.

Organ scholarships

Up to three organ scholarships are awarded each year. Organ Scholars accompany either St Leonard's or St Salvator's Chapel Choir.  Scholars receive an emolument plus lessons.

Selection procedures differ from the other instrument scholarships. If you are interested in applying, please contact Tom Wilkinson.

Full details on all these options are included in the Scholarships and Bursaries booklet available from the office.

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