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Scholarships and bursaries

There are two ways in which University of St Andrews students can obtain help with tuition costs: scholarships and the Hebdomadar's Music Fund. Full details are in our Scholarships and Bursaries booklet available from the office, and here: Scholarships and bursaries leaflet 2019-20 (PDF, 133 KB).  Please note: no student will be awarded more than one scholarship in any one discipline (i.e. singing or one particular instrument).

In most cases awards are made at the beginning of the academic year, following competitive auditions at the start of semester.  They are open to any current student at the University (with the exception of vocal scholarships which are not open to first years). Students who wish to apply should come to the Music Centre office during Orientation Week to book a convenient audition time.

Choral and Organ Scholarships attached to St Salvator’s Chapel Choir, the University’s flagship choir, are an exception: prospective students are encouraged to apply during the University application period (i.e. in the year or two before they intend to arrive).  More detail about Choral Scholarship applications can be found here.

Awards from the Hebdomadar's Music Fund are based on financial need and cover half the cost of tuition for that year. Financial need is reviewed and assessed by Student Services, not the Music Centre, and is treated in absolute confidence.  There is no audition for the Hebdomadar's Awards: selection is by application form, available from the office, and also here: Hebs form 2019-20 (Word, 21 KB).  The deadline for applications is 16:00 on the Wednesday of Week 1.  We are grateful for support from a number of individuals and groups, including the Kate Kennedy Club, towards the Hebdomadar's Music Fund.

Recipients of music scholarships are required to join the Music Centre.

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