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Practice Rooms

The Younger Hall has 11 practice, teaching and rehearsal rooms that are available for the use of Music Centre members. All rooms have a piano - electric, upright or grand. The rooms may be booked on a week-by-week basis by signing on the booking sheets which are posted outside the office on Saturday mornings. 

As well as the Roland Digital DrumKits in the Music Technology Studio, the Music Centre has two standard drumkits that may be used by members for practice. Due to the limited soundproofing in the building, there are restrictions on when drum practice with these kits can take place - please ask at the office if you are interested in this. Drummers should be able to demonstrate reasonable ability, or be taking drum lessons through the Music Centre, and should provide their own sticks.

For bands we offer JamHubs to enable "silent" rehearsal of electric instruments and drumkits.  Amplified music practice is not permitted in the Younger Hall so as not to disturb other Music Centre users and neighbouring residents.  For the same reason, full sets of bagpipes are also not permitted.

Other practice opportunities are available at the Students' Union, the Barron Theatre and in some of the student residences.

Stewart Room Steinway Piano (JK)