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Music Technology Studio

The Music Centre has a studio consisting of five Apple iMac computers with software and hardware available for the composition and realisation of music.


Sibelius software is the industry standard for typesetting sheet music and auditioning compositions.

Apple Logic Pro X

Apple Logic software is an industry standard digital audio workstation, optimized for combining programmed synthesized or sampled music with audio recording. Many effects and software instruments are built in providing an intuitive and felxible environment for music recording and production.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live software is professional software for working with loop-based composition, improvisation and DJ performance.

Final Cut Pro X

One computer in the studio (computer 5) has a copy of Final Cut Pro X for video editing.

External Units

  • Vintage and modern keyboards and controllers including a Vintage Roland Juno 106 digital oscillator subtractive synthesizer with analogue filters
  • Microphones, microphone stands, headphones, soundcards and MIDI Interfaces by MOTU, M-Audio, Alesis and Samson
  • Roland Digital Drum Kit with Mesh Heads
  • JamHub Silent Rehearsal Studio headphone monitoring system
  • Moog Theremin

Use of these facilities is available to Music Centre members after completing an induction session. For details please contact Jonathan Kemp.

Close up of a Theremin (JK)