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Instruments for borrowing

The Music Centre owns a large number of instruments, including pianos, two harpsichords, a spinet, a set of viols, acoustic guitars, a pedal harp, a clarsach and a wide variety of woodwind, string, brass and percussion instruments.  Three grand pianos are available to experienced students: a Bösendorfer "Imperial", a Steinway and a Feurich.  The Music Centre's instruments are available, free of charge, to any Music Centre member, subject to availability.  Users should demonstrate reasonable playing ability, or be receiving tuition at the Music Centre.  

Portable instruments can usually be taken away from the building for practising. However, in some circumstances (e.g. if the instrument is very large, valuable or delicate, or if it is needed by more than one user) the instrument must be kept in the Younger Hall.

Violin Outside (Phillipa Dunn Sept 2009)