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Primary Schools

We offer workshops that support the themes covered in the Curriculum for Excellence with hands-on, activity-based learning intended to help pupils explore, make discoveries and have fun.

All sessions are free and can be booked by contacting the Learning and Access Team.

Full details of workshops can found in the Primary School Programme 2017/18 (PDF, 1,057 KB)


Themed sessions

Themed sessions allow pupils to dig deeper into a topic through interactive workshops led by an experienced member of the Learning & Access Team.

Availability: Autumn, winter and summer terms

Archaeology (P1-P7)

Your archaeology training begins here!  In these workshops pupils find out how archaeologists bring the past to life and learn the skills necessary to unearth evidence of the past by taking part in a dig themselves. Sessions can be tailored to suit the time period covered in class, simply pick the Learning Loft option that suits your needs.  

Learning Loft Options:

  • Dinosaurs – reconstruct a plaster cast fossil and handle the remains of some prehistoric creatures.
  • Romans - build a Roman pot and get your hands on some real Roman artefacts.
  • Egyptians – write hieroglyphics on Papyrus and discover how to make a mummy.
  • Picts – experiment with stone rubbing and paint your own ancient pebble artwork.
  • Greeks – decorate a Greek pot and learn about Greek gods.
  • Medieval St Andrews – discover how the town developed and learn some monks' sign language. 

Venue: MUSA, The Scores, St Andrews 


Medieval Classroom (P1-P7)

Go back in time and meet your teacher Brother Benedict to experience school days in Medieval times. Try your hand at calligraphy, study astronomy, take an exam and end with your very own graduation ceremony.

Venue: MUSA, The Scores, St Andrews


Heraldry (P1-P4)

Explore ancient Medieval design inspired by the University of St Andrews' three medieval maces. Discover what the symbols on a coat of arms mean and use your new knowledge to create your very own.

Venue: MUSA, The Scores, St Andrews


Exploring Animals (P1-P7)

Visit the fantastic Bell Pettigrew Museum of Natural History and find out why animals look like they do, how they've adapted to their habitat and how they inspired some amazing myths. 

Venue: Bell Pettigrew Museum of Natural History, St Mary’s Quadrangle, St Andrews


Mini-Museum (P4-P7)

Come to MUSA and find out how to make your own mini museum using real museum objects. Pupils will learn how to make exciting displays, write labels and information panels and set up a museum shop.

Venue: MUSA, The Scores, St Andrews


Victorian Technologies of the Future (P4-P7)

Travel back in time as pupils put on Victorian costume and get hands-on with a real Victorian magic lantern and a phonograph.  Pupils will discover how these items work, why they were important and how technology has developed since to help us record moving pictures and sound. There will also be the chance to make moving slides and use the lantern to tell a story.

Venue: MUSA, The Scores, St Andrews


The MUSA Young Artist Award

Availability: Spring term

Each year the Museum of the University of St Andrews runs a hugely popular art competition for schools in Fife aimed at helping pupils develop their creative skills and maximise their enjoyment of the creative process. In the winter term MUSA’s Learning & Access team offer free workshops to help children prepare. We also offer travel subsidies to help you to get here. The theme for 2018 is light and dark. For details of this year’s theme and workshops see the MUSA Young Artist Award page


Can’t find something that works for you?

If you would like to bring your group to MUSA but can find nothing suitable please contact us and we will endeavour to organise a useful and engaging visit.