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We offer a range of fun, hands-on workshops aimed at developing children’s creativity and cognitive abilities through stories, games, activities and songs. 

All sessions are free and can be booked by contacting the Learning & Access team.‌ 

Themed sessions

Themed sessions last around 90 minutes each and can include time for a snack if you wish.

Availability:  All year

Sounds Great!

Enjoy making noise and music and discover the science behind them. In your classroom.

Keeping Warm, Keeping Cool

Discover how animals keep themselves warm what it's cold and cool when it's hot, then find out how we can do the same. At the Bell Pettigrew Museum.

Exploring Animals

What animal is that? What noises does it make? Discover the animal kingdom and meet some exotic beasts. At the Bell Pettigrew Museum.

Why is it bedtime?

Explore the science behind bedtime as we look at light, dark, day, night and shadows. In your classroom.

Funny Faces

What are the key features of our faces? What do they do? How can we use them to show our feelings? And why do people make pictures of themselves? In your classroom.

Where in the World?

Join us for a summer holiday touring the world as we explore the things we need to pack, different ways of travelling, different cultures, animals, music and dances from across the planet. In your classroom.

Victorian Story Time

Dress up as Victorian children and enjoy story time using a real Victorian magic lantern.


The MUSA Young Artist Award

The MUSA Young Artist Award is taking a break in the 2018/2019 school year. We'll be back next year with an improved programme.