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We offer a range of fun, hands-on workshops aimed at developing children’s creativity and cognitive abilities through stories, games, activities and songs. The objects and artworks that are on display at the museum venues will support children as they explore the world.

Sessions take place at MUSA, 7a The Scores, St Andrews.

All sessions are free and can be booked by contacting the Learning & Access team.‌ 

Themed sessions

Themed sessions are available in the autumn and spring terms and last around 90 minutes each, including time for a snack.

Availability:  Autumn and Summer terms


What do we wear? Why do we wear them? And when? This fun, interactive session will introduce children to the different types of clothing.


What are the different colours? And what can they tell us? Explore the colours that are found in the objects and paintings around the museum.


What animal is that? What noises does it make? Discover the animal kingdom and meet some exotic beasts.


How does your garden grow? Find out about plants, flowers and where our food comes from.


Is it raining? Is it pouring? Or has the sun got his hat on? Discover the different types of weather and how to prepare for going outside‌.


The MUSA Young Artist Award

Availability: Spring term

Each year the Museum of the University of St Andrews runs a hugely popular art competition for schools in Fife aimed at helping children develop their creative skills and maximise their enjoyment of the creative process. In the winter term MUSA’s Learning & Access team offer free workshops to help children prepare. We also offer travel subsidies to help you to get here.  For information of this year’s theme and workshops see the MUSA Young Artist Award page