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Research at the MUSA Collections Centre

Researchers Charter

The historic collections of the University of St Andrews are a vital part of the heritage of Scotland’s oldest university. The MUSA Collections Centre provides access and study facilities for researchers to highlights of the University’s three Recognised collections of Heritage (fine art, silver and decorative art, textiles, furniture, numismatics and miscellaneous), Chemistry and Historic Scientific Instruments. The Museum Collections Unit aims to provide the widest possible access to the collections and is committed to providing support for researchers. This includes University staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and professional researchers.

Making an appointment

To visit the MUSA Collections Centre, it is preferred that you make an appointment at least one month in advance of your visit. The Museum Collections Unit has a small number of staff and issues such as exhibition schedules, project deadlines, teaching commitments and the storage of the collections across various sites can make it difficult for us to meet research requests at short notice. We will, however, help as much as we can. In order to support your research and make your visit as valuable as possible, we require information on your research project and the objects or collection that you wish to view prior to your visit. Guided tours of the Museum Collections Centre are available to the public for general interest.

You can make an appointment by contacting the Museum Collections Unit – email:, telephone 01334 46 2417.

Visiting the MUSA Collections Centre

The MUSA Collections Centre is located at 87 North Street (in the old Crawford Arts Centre building), beside the University of St Andrews Development Office.

When you visit us, please bring a form of identification with a photograph - such as a passport, university ID card or driving licence. You will be required to complete a ‘Registration Form for Researchers’.

Study facilities

If you require any assistance with your enquiry, please ask a member of staff – we are happy to help. The following resources are available:

  • a dedicated research space
  • internet access
  • access to the collections and specialist staff by appointment
  • access to object information files and the collections database

MUSA Collections Centre Regulations

In the interests of the care and preservation of the collections and other MUSA Collections Centre users, please note:

  • All bags should be stored in the lockers provided in the foyer. Coats should be hung on the coat rack or placed in lockers.
  • Eating, drinking or chewing of gum is not permitted.
  • Mobile telephones should be set to ‘silent’.
  • The use of pens is not permitted. Please use a pencil when making notes to prevent ink from damaging the objects.


Digital photography and scanning equipment is not permitted in the MUSA Collections Centre. Special requests to obtain photographic images for personal use and at a charge can be made to the Collections Curator.