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Past exhibitions 2016

Please note that the following exhibitions have now closed. 

Globetrotters: The MUSA Young Artist Award 2016

Poster for Young artist award 2016

Until 20th August 2016

See the world through the eyes of the winners of this year’s MUSA Young Artist Award, an annual art competition for schools in Fife. This year’s theme encouraged participants to capture the sights, sounds, colours and flavours of the diverse cultures from across the globe and has inspired some truly creative entries.

Skyward: A study in Flight


12 March - 14 May 2016

Fife-based photographer, Kit Martin, blurs the lines between art and science in this new exhibition. Her work is inspired by the creatures that former University of St Andrews Professor, James Bell Pettigrew (1832 - 1908), studied in his quest to take to the skies. Using winged specimens from the Bell Pettigrew Museum (named in honour of the aeronautical pioneer), Martin provides a contemporary lens through which to appreciate both the art, and science, of flight. For more information see the Skyward website.