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Current Exhibitions


SHINE: Code for Everything III 

Showing from 27th April to 31st May
SHINE: Code for Everything III is an ongoing collaboration between artist Tim Fitzpatrick and astronomer Anne-Marie Weijmans of the University's School of Physics and Astronomy. Their work explores the unique patterns of light emitted from stars, known as emission and absorption spectra, or 'coded light' for all of the elements of our Universe. This art installation has been created especially for MUSA and responds to the remarkable scientific instruments and discoveries featured in the 'Seeing and Believing' gallery.

Enduring Gifts: 600 Years of Philanthropy in St Andrews

Showing from 17 March to 30 June 2018


Since its foundation in 1413, the University of St Andrews has benefited greatly from public generosity. Enduring Gifts: 600 Years of Philanthropy in St Andrews explores a range of donations and the motivations behind them, revealing how these charitable acts have shaped the University's existence. Come and discover some of the most influential personalities and fascinating objects which have made the University of St Andrews what it is today.