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  • Dr Helen Rawson, Co-Director, Museum Collections Unit (Collections & Exhibitions) 

  • Mrs Emma Jane Wells, Co-Director, Museum Collections Unit (Operations & Public Engagement)


Image of Jess

  • Ms Jessica Burdge, Collections Curator.


  • Ms Claire Robinson, Collections Curator

  • Ms Louise Hanwright, Curatorial Trainee (Collections)

Learning and Access

  • Mrs Alison Hadfield, Learning and Access Curator


  • Mr Matthew Sheard, Learning and Access Curator  ‎‌

  • Ms Lisa Scrimgeour, Curatorial Trainee (Learning and Access)

Operations and Projects

‎ ‌

Staff photo of Cathy Cruickshank

  • Mrs Cathy Cruickshank, MUSA Operations Officer

‌‌Gerardine Macdonald

  • Mrs Gerardine MacDonald, Senior Visitor Services Faciliator 

  • Ms Lucy Portchmouth, Senior Visitor Services Facilitator

Monica Burns

  • Ms Monica Burns, Senior Visitor Services Facilitator 



Departmental curators

  • Amerindian & Ethnographic Collection: Dr Sabine Hyland 
  • Anatomy & Pathology Collection: Dr Ourania Varsou and Dr Robert Humphreys
  • Archaeology Collection: Dr Rebecca Sweetman
  • Bell Pettigrew Museum & Natural History Collection: Dr Carl Smith & Dr Iain Matthews
  • Chemistry Collection: Dr Alan Aitken
  • Geology Collection: Stuart Allison
  • Heritage Collection (Fine Art, Applied Art and Furniture): Ann Gunn
  • Historic Scientific Instrument Collection: Dr Bernd Braunecker
  • Psychology Collection: Dr Michael Oram