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About us

Founded between 1410 and 1414, St Andrews is Scotland's oldest university. The history of the University, its personalities and its teaching practices can be traced through the collections of documents, art works, furniture, photographs, laboratory equipment and specimens that it has accumulated.

Highlights of the University's collection are on display in four public venues: MUSA, Gateway Galleries, MUSA Collections Centre and Bell Pettigrew Museum.

To request an appointment to view other items in the collections please contact us. All enquires should be sent to the Museum Collections staff. We will deal with your request initially, and pass it to an honorary curator if necessary.


The Museum Collections Unit is managed on a daily basis by the Director and the Curators. There are also 10 departmental curators (the positions are honorary, except for geology) who are subject specialists and provide detailed knowledge as required. The Collections office also often has students or volunteers working on projects around the University.