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‌What's On

This is a selection of upcoming exhibitions, activities and events at MUSA's venues. For a full list of events please visit 

Booking information

All events and exhibitions are free but some must be booked. To book please email or call 01334 46 1660.

If you would benefit from an audio description before or during an event please let us know at the time of booking.



Victorian Visions: Discovery and Restoration in St Andrews

Until 17 September 2017
Journey through the streets of Victorian St Andrews for MUSA's newest exhibition.  Discover the restorations that have been carried out on the famous Old Course and the University buildings.  Marvel at the archaeological wonders found in the Cathedral ruins and see the sights of the town through the eyes of its first photographers. Victorian Visions provides fascinating insights into the development of St Andrews during the 19th century.

Family Programme

Baby MUSA Time

First Friday of the month, 10:15am-11:15am & again 2pm-3pm
Held every month, Baby MUSA Time allows your little one to discover some of the fantastic things found in museums through stories, songs, art and messy play. This drop-in activity is for pre-school children and whoever looks after them. The MUSA Learning Loft provides a place to relax, park your buggy and enjoy time with your children.
Friday 4th August         Weather

Friday 1st September   Towns and Buildings


Out of the Box: Magnificent Maces

Each Sunday in July, 1pm-3pm (All ages)
Look at the magnificent maces at MUSA, what can you see? Angels, bishops, shields or maybe you can imagine something different? Design your own mace or help us draw, decorate and collage our own giant mace!

Summer Programme


Geology Week

Junior Geologists

Wednesday 26th July, 10am-10:45am (3-6 years) & 11am-12pm (7-12 years)       Waiting list only
How were rocks formed? What can they tell us about how the world has changed over millions of years? Conduct your own experiments on rock samples to discover more about the Earth. Held at MUSA, free, but booking essential.

Sports and Games Week

Archery Taster

Monday 31st July, 10am-10:45am (4-6 years) & 11am-12pm (7-12 years)       Waiting list only
Try your hand at archery with the expert help of coaches from the University’s archery club. Takes place outdoors, at MUSA. Please wear suitable clothing. Free, but booking essential.

Board Game Café

Wednesday 2nd August, 2pm-3:30pm (All ages)
Whether you love the strategy of Risk or the simplicity of Snakes and Ladders then the MUSA Board Game Café is for you! Drop by the museum to play some of your old favourites, or try your hand at something new. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Victorian Games

Thursday 3rd August, 2pm-3:30pm (All ages)
Are you an expert at hopscotch? Do you know your Jacks from your marbles? Are you a caich ball champion? Join us at MUSA for a fun-filled afternoon of Victorian games and activities. Free, drop-in, no booking required.

Science Week

Kitchen Chemistry

Wednesday 9th August, 10am-10:45am (4-6 years) & 11am-12pm (7-12 years)     Waiting list only!
Grab some kitchen ingredients and make stuff fizz, pop and whizz without getting your own kitchen dirty! From homemade dyes and invisible inks to an erupting cola fountain and slime you can squeeze… It’s not rocket science but it’s guaranteed fun! Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Ingenious Inventors

Thursday 10th August, 2pm-3:30pm (All ages)
Have you got an eye for invention or simply a bright idea to solve an everyday problem? Then put on your thinking cap, dust off your drawing board and design a machine of the future, inspired by the gadgets and discoveries made right here in St Andrews. Held at MUSA, free drop-in.

Think Like An Animal

Monday 14th August, 11am-12pm (7-12 years)
Does your cat love you? Are butterflies clever? How do monkeys see the world? (And how can we tell?) Scientists and philosophers are trying to solve these and other puzzles about animal minds. This is your chance to join the conversation, and try some experiments yourself with the help of the University’s own philosophers and pyschologists! Held at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.

Young Archaeologists

Have you got the curiosity and patience to piece together evidence from the past? Join us on the last weekend of each month at MUSA to develop your archaeology skills and discover fascinating facts about people of the past. Free, but booking essential.
Saturday 26th August       Magnificent Metal
Saturday 23rd September Ancient Art

Adult Programme  

Talks and tours 

St Andrews Through Time Walk 

Saturday 29th July, 2pm-3:30pm
Thursday 14th September, 2pm-3:30pm
Discover the history of St Andrews and its famous University on this stroll through the streets. You’ll see some of the sites which played a key role in St Andrews’ past and the stories they have to tell. Walk length roughly two miles. Please dress for all weathers and meet at MUSA. Free, but booking essential.