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What is there to see?


MUSA is currently closed until Autumn 2019 for refurbishment.  See here for updates on the extension project.


MUSA is an exciting and dynamic space to visit with the whole family. There are four galleries for you to discover:

The University of St Andrews was founded between 1410-1414. Gallery 1 showcases some of the University’s ancient treasures, including our famous medieval maces – the Arts, Canon Law and St Salvator’s mace- and helps you to discover both the early history of the University and the town of St Andrews.

Whether you are a student, a staff member or a visitor who is completely new to the University, in Gallery 2 you'll be treated to a look at the lives of St Andrews students through the ages – what has changed and what has stayed the same? We feature a fascinating collection of silver archery medals, some won by very famous Scots in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are lots of things to do (and games to play) and some quirky memorabilia.

On entering Gallery 3, you are greeted by the spectacular Chalmers stained glass window originally mounted in St Salvators Chapel. In this gallery we look at research and innovation from the view point of the three main teaching and research areas at the University – divinity, the arts and the sciences. Find out how the Victorians invented 3D photography and experiment with making your own kaleidoscope.

From 16th March - 30 June 2018 Gallery 4 will show the exhibition "Enduring Gifts: 600 Years of Philanthropy in St Andrews".  This is an exhibition featuring some of the major benefactors to the University who have helped to make the institution what it is today.