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Undergraduate Handbook: Use of Dictionaries in Exams

Use of Dictionaries in Exams

Some language modules in the School permit or require the use of a bi-lingual (English/target language) dictionary.  It is normally also the case that non-native speakers of English are permitted to bring a bilingual dictionary (between their native language and English) into SoML exams, providing that their native language is not the language of the material being assessed. E.g. a native speaker of German may not bring a German-English dictionary into a German exam; but a native speaker of Italian may bring an Italian-English dictionary into a German exam.

Erasmus students must write their coursework essays and examinations in the language(s) in which the course is taught. For Comparative Literature, this will be English only. In other subjects within the School of Modern Languages, this may involve a choice. Please consult the module coordinator if you are in any doubt.

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