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Undergraduate Handbook: Marking

Anonymous Marking

In keeping with University policy, the School operates an anonymous marking scheme for assessed written work. We distinguish between core language work, and "content" work (i.e., literature, linguistics, history etc.). Only your matriculation number should feature on assessed work (hard and electronic copy) for anonymous submission. Assessed work submitted in this manner is only 'de-anonymised' after marks have been agreed.

SoML anonymous submission policy is as follows:

Sub-Honours: all assessed written content work (but not language work);

Honours: ALL assessed written work, except dissertations.

All examination papers are marked anonymously. The examination script books are designed so that all your personal details are completed along a strip on the right hand side of the script book, which you seal before leaving the Examination Hall. You should ensure your matriculation number is completed on the front of the script book and that it remains clearly visible.

Your personal information will remain sealed while the internal marker(s) mark your script. Once a mark as been agreed by the internal marker(s) and recorded on the front of your script book, the flap will be opened to reveal your personal details to ensure that the information is recorded on the correct student record.

Marking Procedures

The School operates a system that includes Moderating and Second Marking.

A moderator, usually the Course Coordinator, reads samples of work from each assessment banding as well as any scripts that have been failed and any problematic cases highlighted by the first marker. Each batch of scripts is moderated by only one person. If the moderator is in complete agreement with the first marker on all marks, no further marking need take place. In case of disagreement, the moderator may alter the whole batch of scripts accordingly in consultation with the first marker(s) and if required, the moderator may have to second mark the whole batch of scripts.

A Second Marker reads all scripts from a given batch with the benefit of the first marker’s comments. The second marker may add further comments to the script but is not obliged to do so.

Internal Summative Assessments

At Subhonours and Honours levels across the School, in all departments and subjects: All assessed coursework (language and content-based) will normally be moderated. All end of module examinations (language and content-based) will be moderated.

The two exceptions to this procedure are:

i. Dissertations will be second marked.

ii. Final-year oral exams will be assessed by two internal examiners.

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