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Undergraduate Handbook: Submission of coursework, extensions and penalties

Submission of coursework, extensions and penalties

You will be asked to submit your coursework online via MMS. Many tutors will also request a hard copy, to be submitted via the School Office. In the case of a discrepancy between the two versions of a piece of work, the version submitted online will be considered definitive. Deadlines for submission online and in the School Office are either 12 noon or 4pm on the day in question (see relevant module handbook); please ensure that you submit both versions in a timely manner.

NB In the event of a query, the official date and time of submission of your work will be that recorded on MMS.

In the School of Modern Languages, we normally aim to return coursework within three weeks of submission date. Please note however that these three weeks do not include University vacations such as the Christmas break and the spring break.

You will be informed by email when your coursework is available for collection. Coursework may be collected from the School Office on weekdays during normal office working hours.

Extensions to Deadlines

In the interests of parity among students, extensions on assessed work will only be granted by the module coordinator under exceptional circumstances. Being busy, having other deadlines, experiencing an IT problem, attending a family event or extra-curricular activities or having a minor illness such as a cold are not considered exceptional circumstances. You should inform your tutor or module coordinator of any circumstances that are liable to affect your ability to submit work on time as early as possible. Where appropriate, you should contact Student Services for help. You should keep all documentation relating to those circumstances and your attempts to deal with them in case you need it at a future date. Please note that under certain circumstances you may be asked to provide evidence from your GP or specialist. Extensions to extensions should be approved by the Director of Teaching

Incorrect Word Length Penalty

Students should always include a word count when required. Work which is over 10% over or under the word target will be penalised by 1 point, then a further 1 point per additional 10% under or over.

Please note that titles and footnotes are included in the word count while the bibliography and appendices are not.

Late Submission of Coursework

School policy on unauthorised lateness in handing in essays or language work is as follows.

  1. Late submission prior to return of work to other students in the class (if no extension has been granted, or for submission which falls after the agreed extension deadline): 1 point of 0-20 scale deducted per day or part thereof; please note that every day of the week will be considered as counting towards a late penalty; this rule will apply to all holidays (public and University) and includes weekends, with Saturday and Sunday each counting as one day.
  2. Work submitted so late that corrected copies of the exercise have been returned to other students will be awarded a mark of 0;
  3. All assessed written assignments must be submitted, even after the return of exercises to other students, by the end of the semester (4pm on the last Friday of the exam period) in which they were due. Please note that work submitted at this late stage should be of sufficient quality and demonstrate an attempt to complete the work. As a guideline, we recommend that this work should be of a passable standard.
  4. Failure to submit a compulsory, summative written piece will lead to the automatic failure of the module without right to reassessment (0X).

Non-completion of oral presentations

If no satisfactory evidence is submitted which may justify missing an oral presentation, the piece receives 0. If a student misses, without any satisfactory justification, an oral presentation worth over 25% of the final module grade, this leads to failing the module without right to reassessment (0X).

Formative presentations

When formative presentations are a compulsory part of a module, if a student fails to give a presentation or if the presentation is not of a satisfactory standard, the tutor may require it to be given again or submitted in written form.

See also the School's policy on Academic alert.

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