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Honours Pre-Advising for 2019-20

Procedures for all SOML students

The online advising system this year is now open.

All students intending to take Honours modules in the School of Modern Languages must complete pre-advising.

Since the School of Modern Languages has different Departments and subjects, there may be slight differences in the procedure for some subjects.

In some subjects module choices may be restricted – if so you will be informed by the Subject Honours Adviser and / or subject documentation (see individual departmental pre-advising documents on the School undergraduate web page) and should follow any instructions given.

Honours Advisers in the School of Modern Languages are:





Dr Fabio Caiani


Comp Lit

Dr Katie Jones



Dr Joe Carson



Dr Andrew Cusack



Dr Robert Wilson



Dr Saeed Talajooy



Dr Emily Finer



Dr Javier Letrán


Triple subject

Dr Joe Carson


Please note that for some of the information below, slightly different procedures may apply for Russian (please see individual Russian pre-advising document on the School undergraduate web page).

If you are going into:

i. Final Year / Senior Honours

If you are going into your final year you should choose your modules online.

Your Honours Adviser(s) will advise you whether or not they require you to meet with them to discuss anything related to your module choices.

Students currently on University Placement will not be required to return to St Andrews, but should complete pre-advising on-line.

 N.B. Check that you will have at least 90 credits at 4000 level within your 240 Honours credits (300 for WIYA) by the end of your final year.

ii. Third Year / Junior Honours

This applies principally to students currently on WIYA, and some second level students. You will be going into Junior Honours and should choose your modules on-line. Please do so as soon as possible.

You can contact the Honours Adviser(s) if you have any questions.

If you are currently in Second Year

You will now be going into Honours. In first and second year you were allocated a named Adviser who approved all of your module choices. At Honours level Advisers are subject specific and control entry to the modules in their subject. Honours Advisers cannot approve entry to Honours modules in other subjects. You will now therefore have an Adviser for each subject you are taking – one, two, or possibly three different Honours Advisers.

Choosing Modules

i. Credit requirements

For those studying in St Andrews, you should choose modules to the value of 60 credits per semester.

Single Honours students may take up to 30 credits ‘dip-across’ credits in another subject for which they have met Honours entry requirements.

For Joint and Triple Honours students, different regulations apply depending on whether your second (and third) subjects are wholly within the School, or in other Schools.

ii. Joint Honours

Joint subject in another School : by the end of your final year there must be an exactly equal balance of credits, 120 in your SoML subject, 120 in the subject in another School.

Joint subjects both in SoML : by the end of your final year you may choose an exact split

as above, or you may opt for a minimum of 90 and a maximum of 150 in either subject.

iii. Triple Honours

Triple subject in another School : by the end of your final year you must have exactly 90 credits in the subject in the other School, and a minimum of 60 in both of the subjects in SoML.

Triple subjects all in SoML : by the end of your final year you must have a minimum of 60 credits in all three subjects (usually covered by the core modules in each subject).

Information about modules

Availability: the drop-down menu on your advising page will show you which modules are available next year.

Content: the Course Catalogue provide information about modules, including teaching and assessment details.

Module handbooksCurrent module handbooks are available for download (St Andrews access only). Please note that these are provided for reference purpose only.

Reading Lists: these are available through the library, here:

Programme Requirements

In Honours there are some compulsory (or core) modules, and some optional modules. The individual departmental core modules may be given in the departmental pre-advising documents (see individual departmental documents on the School undergraduate web page). Where they are not, you should consult the Programme Requirements for each subject:

If you have any difficulty with this you can clarify things when you meet with the Honours Adviser(s), who will check your choices with you.

Going abroad - WIYA

If you are going abroad as part of the 5 year WIYA programme you will already have been making arrangements through the Study Abroad coordinator.

Pre-advising is very simple. If you are spending the whole year in one country then you should enter one whole year module – number 3101, with the prefix for the language of the country – e.g. FR3101 for a French speaking country ; SP3101 for a Spanish speaking country etc. 

If you are splitting the year between two different countries, enter the single module code ML3101.

Going abroad – University Placement (exchange year / semester)

If you are going to study abroad at a University as all or part of your Junior Honours year you will already have had contact with the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Again, pre-advising is fairly straightforward : this is dependent on the subject(s) being studied, not the location of study, and you need to enter as many subjects as you are studying.

There are three basic codes :

**SAUY          Study Abroad University Placement – Whole Year

**SAU1           Study Abroad University Placement – Semester 1

**SAU2           Study Abroad University Placement – Semester 2

In these codes ** represent the SUBJECT code .

Use the following examples to guide you in the pre-advising process :

Single Honours German, whole year : GMSAUY (enter in both semesters)

Joint Honours French / Modern History, whole year: FRSAUY, MOSAUY (enter in both semesters)

Triple Honours French / Spanish / IR, whole year : FRSAUY, SPSAUY, IRSAUY (enter in both semesters)

Those doing a semester abroad enter the appropriate subject(s) and codes in the appropriate semester and, in the other semester, your St Andrews’ module choices for your subject(s).

Meeting your Honours Adviser(s)

If your Honours adviser is holding meetings this will be advertised in advance. At the meeting(s) the Adviser(s) will check your module choices and provide help or advice.

Once the modules are checked and agreed the Adviser(s) will provisionally validate the choices. After this you will not be able to make any changes to the modules until Advising in September. You may be able to change your choices again in September if you wish.

Students taking Triple Honours should normally see the advisers in their individual subjects before meeting the Triple Honours adviser.

Pre-Advising Instructions

Further information

Sample module handbooks (St Andrews access only)